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Manor Gindi
Director, Owner & Founder

BA in Economics & Management, College of Management Academic Studies.

Kfir Gindi
Director, Owner & Founder

CPA, specializing in accounting, College of Management Academic Studies.

Gindi is one of Israel’s leading real estate companies, and is involved in the development, marketing, and management of upscale residential and commercial projects – shopping centers, luxury residential towers and neighborhoods, all amounting to hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Gindi is currently developing its flagship project – encompassing over half a million sqm in the heart of Tel Aviv. Stage A and B include a 55,000m2 neighborhood containing 2,317 units with 15 residential towers, 4 of which are up to 50 floors each. Alongside these is a public park, school, kindergartens, a country club and the TLV Fashion Mall. These developments are estimated to raise the value of the area exponentially over the next few years, with stage C capitalizing on this rapid expansion.

Gindi Group

Intl. Legal Counseling &
Business Developement

Weinstock - Zehavi Law Firm

Chagit Weinstock , ADV.

LL.B. in Business Administration and Economics. Specializes in international transactions and labor law.

David Zehavi, , ADV.

LL.B. in Law. Specializes in real estate and labor law.

Established in 2006 by Hagit Weinstock and Dudu Zehavi, Weinstock-Zehavi establishes cooperation between leading local and international companies, as well as public and private companies from Canada and Germany. Weinstock-Zehavi also deal with lawsuits and administrative petitions, labor law, the Israel Land Administration, settlement law, water corporations, exhaustion of rights vis-à-vis government ministries for the transfer of budgets, the bringing of expert or temporary workers from abroad, commercial law, torts (shortage of workforce) and insurance.

Weinstock - Zehavi Law Firm

Professional Consultant


Waxman Govrin Geva was established in 1990 and is involved in the management of planning, execution and supervision, as well as in statutory management and urban renewal, in a wide range of projects in the field of civil engineering.

The company operates in Israel in a wide spread with offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva and employs more than 220 employees.

Among the company’s clients are Israel’s leading real estate companies, insurance companies, government ministries, local authorities, economic companies, Israel Railways, Netivei Israel, Netivei Ayalon and others.

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Professional Consultant


Gsap is the leading consulting firm in Israel for providing professional services to pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and cell therapy companies. The Company aspires to enhance the development and maturation of Israeli pharmaceutical and medical device companies and to empower their employees to achieve significant resolutions for patients worldwide.

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Professional Consultant

Mochly-Eldar Architects

Established in 1972, Mochly-Eldar Architects & Urban Planners is ranked among Israel’s top five architectural firms. With projects in Israel and worldwide, the firm designs Mega Projects for a variety of purposes: high-tech, research laboratories, hospitals, universities, commercial centers and office high-rises. MEA, employing over 70 dedicated professionals, has offices in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Moscow and Beijing.

MEA offers comprehensive services, from architectural and interior design to landscape architecture and urban planning. Through a collaborative approach, the firm offers a combination of solutions to complex programmatic demands and attention to practical considerations – including innovative planning that addresses clients’ specific needs and integrates interior and exterior spaces. The firm specializes in laboratories and hospitals, as well as urban planning and master plans.

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Professional Consultant

Fluence by OSRAM

Fluence was founded in Austin, Texas in 2013 by forward-thinking entrepreneurs Nick Klase and Randy Johnson to build custom-spectrum LED solutions.

With a desire to bring innovation to the market, they were the first to introduce white light that mimics sunlight. The solutions Fluence launched were a stark departure from the inefficient lighting systems cultivators previously relied on. Fluence lights used less energy, lasted longer, and ran cooler, enabling tiered setups that multiplied indoor grow spaces while achieving impressive savings in energy, HVAC, and water costs.

In 2014, the company branched out from the research space and began designing systems that could lead to more sustainable forms of crop production. The result was a diverse product portfolio that allowed the world’s largest greenhouses and indoor farms to move away from wasteful legacy lighting to the quality, output, and reduced footprint realized by LED grow lights.

In 2018, Fluence was acquired by the Munich-based lighting manufacturer, OSRAM. By combining Fluence’s proven leadership in LED-based horticulture lighting systems with OSRAM’s expertise in lighting technologies, sensors, and connectivity, Fluence is today empowering cultivators worldwide to increase their output and quality, while achieving new margins and profits.

The scientific revolution that inspired our founding continues apace. With a strategy built on the latest research and evidence, Fluence is poised to remain at the vanguard of these advances, delivering intelligent plant growth solutions to help cultivators grow smarter.

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