The Growers

Damian Solomon

Damian has over 20 years of experience in greenhouse management, traditional horticulture and controlled environment growing systems. He has worked for companies like Eurofresh Farms (North America’s largest hydroponic greenhouse operation), Grimmway Farms (North America’s largest farming company), and DeRuiter Seeds/Monsanto (global seed company specializing in greenhouse specific vegetable seeds).

Since 2014 he has been involved in the commercial cannabis industry as Director of Cutlivation & Ag Technology for Medmen where he leveraged his vast experience in controlled environments to bring best-of-class procedures, processes and technology into the cannabis space. Recently, Damian left Medmen to start his own horticultural consulting company, Plant Geek Consulting, LLC as he saw a compelling opportunity to offer his years of understanding, insight and horticultural expertise to his clients. He has travelled the world visiting greenhouses and speaking with growers to share agronomic advice and experience and provide high-level consulting services. Damian is well known in the industry and considered an expert in the field of controlled environment agriculture.

Mr. Solomon was awarded a BS in Plant Sciences/Crop Production from the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture. In 2015, he was recognized by University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and awarded the CEAC Mission Award for outstanding leadership and exemplary service in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Damian is forward thinking and loves to blend the art of growing crops with applied technology to optimize results.

Ori Ganor

Cultivation supervisor

Ori Ganor is the CEO and owner of Green for Life, which specializes in growing and marketing flowers worldwide.

Itay Lieberman

Master grower

Agricultural Manager at Green For Life, one of the leading companies in the field of flowers for export.

Expert in growing technological greenhouses and controlled climate environment, fertilizers and irrigation methods. Itay has extensive experience in managing an intensive agricultural system.

Ortal Arbel

Owner of “Arbel Farm” and “Alfis Flora”.
CEO at the Cannomed farm with rich agricultural experience.

Omri Mental

COO Elpis Flora

In charge of overseeing and coordinating all activities on the farm and executing the production agenda in accordance with the farm’s strategic plan.

Specialist in project management in the water for greenhouse industry.

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